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Moroccan CBD at the heart of your well-being
Naturally rich, naturally relaxing.

Our CBD Products in Morocco

Explore our range of CBD Kyff products

Our products are specially designed to be low in THC, but rich in cannabinoids, providing numerous benefits without the psychotropic effects associated with recreational cannabis. Perfect for daily use, they constitute an excellent alternative for consumers looking for an alternative to recreational cannabis, offering relaxation and well-being legally.

We are committed to selecting the highest quality, lab-tested and validated products, while providing exceptional customer support and education through one-on-one interactions and within our community.

Also discover our Kyff infusions, offered in four flavored varieties: thyme, chamomile, cinnamon, and carob. Each is packaged in a box containing 20 sachets of 2g, enriched with CBD for a relaxing and aromatic experience.

We also offer CBD snus, each sachet containing 30 mg of CBD, ensuring an effective and measured dose for optimal relaxation, with unique flavors of orange blossom, mint and rose petals, designed to offer a refined and relaxing alternative to our consumers.

Add a gourmet touch to your CBD experience with our new chocolate bars, available in white and milk chocolate, sprinkled with cannabis seeds. These delights are available in 5g CBD Neapolitans and 100g tablets, perfect for satisfying small and large cravings while enjoying the benefits of CBD.

Explore convenience and purity with our CBD Chip Vaping Pouches designed for those seeking a pure and effective CBD experience. These high-quality CBD chips are specially selected for their purity and packaged in convenient pouches, ready to use with your favorite vaporizer. Perfect for rapid and efficient absorption, this product offers a discreet and elegant way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, whether for relaxation, pain relief or a sleep aid. Each pouch is precisely dosed to ensure a consistent and satisfying experience with every use, putting you in complete control of your CBD consumption.

Pouch of CBD flower Original fragrance

72 - 137 Dhs
CBD flower pouch with Rose petals

72 - 137 Dhs
CBD Flower Pouch with Orange Blossom

72 - 137 Dhs
Mint CBD flower pouch

72 - 137 Dhs
KYFF Plus Vape

1976 Dhs
Our infusions will be available in August 2024.
Infusion Digestive 40 g

238 Dhs
Infusion Immunity 40 g

257 Dhs
Infusion Relax 40 g

265 Dhs
Infusion Cognitive 40 g

288 Dhs


Explore a new way to relax with our CBD Snus, the discreet sublingual alternative for effortless daily well-being.
Our Snus will be available in September 2024
Snus with CBD Original flavor

102 - 156 Dhs
Mint CBD Snus

102 - 156 Dhs
Orange Blossom CBD Snus

102 - 156 Dhs
CBD Snus with Rose Petals

102 - 156 Dhs
All our chocolates will be available in August 2024
Milk Neapolitan with CBD

60 Dhs
White Neapolitan with CBD

60 Dhs

Milk chocolate with Cannabis seeds

78 Dhs

White chocolate with Cannabis seeds

78 Dhs

About Kyff

Kyff, pioneer of therapeutic CBD in Morocco, is committed to offering high quality products, grown with care in our fields of Bani Hamed, near Chefchaouen. With official authorization from the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis Activities, we produce, process and market CBD enriched with olfactory terpene molecules and flavonoids, offering a richness of taste and a captivating aroma for a complete sensory experience. We produce our CBD in harmony with nature and local traditions. Discover our history, our unique process and our vision for a sustainable future.

Moroccan Cannabis: A heritage of quality and tradition

Moroccan Cannabis from the Rif: A Heritage of Quality and Tradition
Moroccan cannabis, particularly that grown in the Rif region, enjoys a worldwide reputation for its exceptional quality, resulting from a unique terroir and ancestral know-how. Cannabis cultivation in the Rif dates back centuries, deeply rooted in local traditions. This mountainous region, with its ideal Mediterranean climate, rich soils and well-defined seasons, offers perfect conditions for growing cannabis.

 Rif farmers, heirs of generations of knowledge, use traditional cultivation methods which favor the production of robust cannabis plants, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, responsible for aromas and therapeutic effects. This know-how passed down from generation to generation, combined with the natural quality of the terroir, makes Moroccan cannabis a benchmark in terms of purity and effectiveness, distinguishing it as one of the best in the world.

Ecological Commitment and Social Responsibility

At Kyff, ecological responsibility is at the heart of our activities. We adopt advanced production and processing techniques, minimizing our carbon footprint and contributing to a clean economy. Learn more about our decarbonization efforts and how every purchase contributes to a greener future.

We are proud to contribute to the remodeling of the Rif region and the reconversion of its agriculture. Kyff is engaged in local projects to support sustainable development and employment, affirming our active role in social responsibility. Find out how choosing Kyff supports our social mission.


Our CBD products are designed to provide relaxation, reduced anxiety, and improved overall well-being. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help regulate bodily balance and function.

CBD is known for its low addictive potential. Our products are formulated to be used as part of a balanced lifestyle and are not expected to cause dependence. ndance.

We recommend starting with a cup of CBD infusion and adjusting according to your personal needs. Listening to your body is essential to find the dosage that works best for you.

CBD Snus is legal in countries where CBD is permitted. Its use in public depends on local CBD laws. We advise you to check the regulations in force in your region before using the product.

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